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About us

Alfa-kassan was founded in 1998 and is one of Sweden`s unemployment insurance funds (a-kassa). Alfa-kassan is currently the only unemployment insurance fund that is not tied to a particular organisation or trades union, or is specifically aimed at a certain profession or industry. We welcome everybody equally, be they unemployed, employed or self-employed.

By being a complement to those unemployment insurance funds with organisational interests, Alfa-kassan works hard to ensure that everyone in the employment market has access to income-related unemployment insurance.

We administer both the general basic insurance and the voluntary income-related insurance schemes. In addition to this, we offer payment of the basic unemployment benefit, on behalf of the government, to those who are not members of any unemployment insurance fund.


  • is open to members of all professions
  • welcomes both the unemployed, the employed and the self-employed
  • is independent from trade unions and other interest groups
  • pays out both basic and income-related benefits 
  • pays out the basic benefit to those who are not members of any unemployment insurance fund

Updated: 2020-02-21


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Mina sidor

This is where you who are receiving benefits from Alfa-kassan can get an overview of your benefits and your coming payments.

Min anslutning

This is where you will find information about your registration with us, and the fees you have paid in, etc.


Send all your forms, documents and certificates to the following address:
FE 69
930 88 Arjeplog