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Frequently asked questions

  1. 1 How do I apply for unemployment benefit?

    To apply for unemployment benefit, you must register with Arbetsförmedlingen on the first day you are unemployed. You must also send an Ansökan om ersättning, benefit card (tidrapport) and certificates showing what you have been doing for the last 12 months. To submit your benefit cards electronically, log on to Mina sidor using your e-identification.

  2. 2 What certificates do I need to send in to show what I have been doing?

    If you have been working, you must send in an Arbetsgivarintyg from your employer. If you have been studying, you must send in Intyg om studier. If you have been engaged in other activities, notify Alfa-kassan via Mina sidor, email or letter. Note that you may be required to send in more documents. 

  3. 3 Why do I not receive payment for all the days on my benefit card?

    Unemployment insurance is a form of insurance that covers 5 days a week. That means you can get unemployment benefit for maximum 5 days a week. You can only get benefit for the days that you have been unemployed and registered at Arbetsförmedlingen. If you have not been able to look for or take on work for any reason, you cannot be given benefit for that period. If you have not received benefit for all the days you have submitted benefit cards for may also be because we have deducted your qualifying days (karensdagar) or suspension days (avstängningsdagar).

  4. 4 How is unemployment benefit paid out?

    Alfa-kassan’s payments are administrated by Swedbank. If your account is registered in Swedbank’s register of accounts, your benefit will be paid into your account automatically. If you do not have a registered account, a payment note will be sent to you. You can register your account here.

  5. 5 When is the latest I have to send in my benefit cards so that payment will be made in time?

    We must have received your benefit cards latest on Monday of the same week that the benefit is paid out.

  6. 6 I am employed by the hour. How do I fill in the hours that I work on the benefit card?

    If you are employed by the hour, you must fill in the number of whole and half hours that you have been paid for, for each day, under the heading Arbete. Minutes are rounded up to the nearest whole or half hour.

  7. 7 I want to join Alfa-kassan. How do I do so?

    To join Alfa-kassan, go to Min anslutning. You sign it using your e-identification, thereby avoiding paying postage. You can join us earliest as of the month we receive your application. It costs SEK 130 a month to belong to Alfa-kassan. 

  8. 8 Who can join Alfa-kassan?

    Anyone can join Alfa-kassan, irrespective of profession. In order to join, you must have worked in Sweden at some point.

  9. 9 Why can’t I log on to Mina sidor with my e-identification?

    Try again; otherwise contact your service provider, for example, your bank or Telia. Contact details for support, irrespective of bank or Telia, are available at www.bankid.com. You can test if your e-identification is working properly by going to www.test.bankid.com and following the instructions there.

  10. 10 I have filled in the benefit card incorrectly. Can I change a benefit card that I have already sent in?

    Yes, you can on Mina sidor. This is how to change a benefit card that has been submitted:

    1. Go to the tab Rapportera tid.
    2. Choose the week you want to change.
    3. Click on Ändra.
    4. Add the change.
    5. Sign and submit the benefit card.



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Mina sidor

This is where you who are receiving benefits from Alfa-kassan can get an overview of your benefits and your coming payments.

Min anslutning

This is where you will find information about your registration with us, and the fees you have paid in, etc.


Send all your forms, documents and certificates to the following address:
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