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This is where you can find the forms that you need in order to apply for unemployment benefits, or to apply to join Alfa-kassan. These forms must always be printed out using a printer, as you must be able to write your signature on them before you submit them to us.

Send the forms to:

Arbetslöshetskassan Alfa
827 82 Ljusdal

Applying for benefit / Unemployed

Notification of Unemployment (Anmälan om arbetslöshet)

This is the form you need to complete after you have registered as being unemployed at the Public Employment Service ("Arbetsförmedlingen"). Upon receipt of this form, we contact the Public Employment Service and they send us confirmation that you have registered with them as being unemployed. Then we will send you information about how you can apply for benefit. Please note that you do not need to be a paying subscriber to Alfa-kassan in order to apply for basic benefits. However, you will have to pay an administration fee if you receive these benefits from us. Please note that this same form is used to make a new notification or a notification of change.Download

Work Certificate From Your Employer (Arbetsgivarintyg)

This certificate should be completed by your employer. The information on the certificate is used to determine the amount of benefit you can receive. When a period of employment has been completed, you will have to submit this form to us. It is important that you make sure that the information on the certificate is correct. You can ask your employer to call our customer care centre on 0771-55 00 99 if they would like assistance in completing the form.Download

Work Certificate From Your Employer, Supplementary Information (Arbetsgivarintyg, komplettering till)

Benefits that were not declared on the main 'Work Certificate From Your Employer' form, should be stated on this supplementary form. Only those benefits that are taxed as income from employment need be reported. These reports should be made for each calendar month. Only those months in which the employee has received any benefit that was not reported on the main 'Work Certificate From Your Employer' form need be reported here.Download

Notification of Work (Meddelande om arbete)

If you are employed on a part-time basis and wish to claim unemployment benefit for the remaining time, you should submit this form.Download

Application to Study (Ansökan om studier)

If you wish to study on a part-time basis you should fill in this form. Note that the form is to be sent to us before you begin studying.Download

Notification of Studies (Studieintyg)

If you have studied, prior to becoming unemployed, you should fill in this form.Download


Right to Request Information (Rätt att få ta del av uppgifter)

Almost all the information that we have about you is confidential; therefore, we cannot disclose any information to anyone other than you. If you, however, want to allow another person to access your information - for example, if you would like them to help you with something - then you must complete and submit this authorisation.Download

Joining Us

Notification of Withdrawal (Anmälan om utträde)

Use this form if you wish to leave Alfa-kassan. You must send a written notification of withdrawal either by letter or e-mail, in which you state your social security number (“personnummer”) and the date from which you wish to leave. Oral notification, whether in person or by telephone, is not sufficient.Download


Work Certificate for the Self-Employed (Arbetsgivarintyg för företagare)

If you have had your own company that you have either ceased trading with or wish to suspend operations with, you should complete this form.Download

Work Certificate for the Self-Employed, Supplementary Information (Arbetsintyg för företagare, komplettering till)

If you have received any payments from the Social Insurance Agency (“Försäkringskassan”) at any point during the time your business has been operational, you should submit this form.Download

Family Business, Supplementary Information (Familjeföretag, komplettering)

If you have worked in a family-owned business, you should fill in this form.Download

Request for Disclosure of Information from Skatteverket (Begäran om utlämnande av uppgifter från Skatteverket)


Suspension of Own Business (Uppehåll i egen verksamhet)


Supplemental information upon starting an own business (Komplettering vid start av egen verksamhet)

The form for those who have begun preparing to start their own company or have may have already started their own company in part or in whole.Download

Supplemental information as an independent or dependent contractor (Komplettering självständig eller osjälvständig uppdragstagare)

This form is for those who work or have worked on behalf of somebody else as a contractor, freelancer, consultant, artist, fisherman or other without there having been any employment contract or certificate of employment. An example of this is working through an invoicing company.Download

Working Abroad

Basis for the Determination of State of Residence (Underlag för fastställande av bosättningsstat)

This is used when Alfa-kassan needs to assess whether, and under which conditions, you have the right to claim unemployment benefit after having worked in another EU/EEA country or Switzerland.Download

Request for certificate PD U1 (Begäran om intyg PD U1)

Certificate PD U1 is required when one applies for unemployment benefits in an EU/EEA country other than Sweden and has not worked and/or was insured to an adequate extent to be granted benefits there.Download



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This is where you who are receiving benefits from Alfa-kassan can get an overview of your benefits and your coming payments.


This is where you will find information about your registration with us, and the fees you have paid in, etc.


Send all your forms, documents and certificates to the following address:
kassan Alfa, 827 82 Ljusdal