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Right to benefits

Time framework 

The idea of unemployment insurance is to replace lost income. Therefore, we need to know how much you have worked during the period before you became unemployed, and investigate to see if you meet one of our work requirements ("Arbetsvillkor" - see below) which will give you the right to receive benefits. This time we are looking at is called qualification time (kvalifikationstid) and is normally the most recent 12 months leading up to unemployment. Sometimes, we may extend this time frame by excluding a certain period, so-called excluded time ("överhoppningsbar tid" - see below) and then we would require documentation for longer than 12 months.


Work requirements 

In order to have the right to benefits, you must be able to satisfy one of our work requirements. You meet a work requirement if you, during the designated time frame:

  • have been gainfully employed for at least six calendar months. All six months must contain 80 hours worked, or
  • have been gainfully employed for at least 480 hours during six consecutive calendar months. All months must contain at least 50 hours worked.

By gainful employment, we mean:

  • regular gainful (i.e. paid) employment
  • holiday or any other leave with either full or partial pay
  • employment with wage subsidies
  • employment within Samhall, protected work for a public employer
  • time with severance pay
  • full military service and/or parental benefits (a maximum of 2 months can be classed as gainful employment).


Excluded time 

In order to be eligible for benefits, you should meet one of our work requirements during the twelve month period immediately before you became unemployed. In certain cases, this period may be extended in order to help you to meet this condition; it is effectively extended by a certain period being excluded from the calculation and such a period is referred to as excluded time. This means that work performed longer than twelve months ago may be taken into account when calculating whether you"ve met one of our work requirements. This time period can only be extended to cover a period of a maximum of five years.

An example of when this period may be extended is when you have been sick. Other situations which can be classed as excluded time include care of your own child prior to its 2nd birthday, care of an adoptive child during the child"s first 2 years with the family, time on paid parental leave, time spent receiving a carer"s allowance, time spent on full military service and, in some cases, time spent in full-time education (when preceded by at least 5 months full-time work or if the studies are completed after you have turned 25 years of age).


Remaining time

Months that we cannot skip are always included in the time-frame. If you have not worked during such a month, it is still important that you tell us about it.

Updated: 2017-11-20


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Mina sidor

This is where you who are receiving benefits from Alfa-kassan can get an overview of your benefits and your coming payments.

Min anslutning

This is where you will find information about your registration with us, and the fees you have paid in, etc.


Send all your forms, documents and certificates to the following address:
FE 69
930 88 Arjeplog