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There is no right to unemployment benefits during a summer holiday or any other scheduled break from studies. A student must have either completed or withdrawn from their studies, in order to be considered unemployed.

Normally, you may not receive unemployment benefits during the study period, as it is a requirement that you are both unemployed and actively seeking work to be entitled to unemployment benefits. Under certain conditions, however, you have the opportunity to study on a part-time basis. 

Full-time studies

All the months that you have studied on a full-time basis can be counted as excluded time if you have either completed or permanently withdrawn from your studies, and were older than 25 when they were terminated. In some additional cases, your time spent studying may also be excluded even if you completed them before you were 25 years old. You must then have worked full-time for at least five consecutive months prior to commencing your studies.

If you have worked a little, or nothing at all, during summer breaks, then this time can also be excluded. Studies are counted as having been completed if you have either reached the end of the course or have permanently withdrawn from it. 

Part-time studies

The possibility to study part-time and at the same time receive unemployment benefits is an exception that is based on the fact that in spite of your studies, you can be considered to be unemployed in the manner that is referred to in the insurance terms. An application must be made to Alfa-kassan before the studies begin. The purpose of our assessment is to decide whether you can primarily be considered to be unemployed or studying.

That you, by means of part-time studies are increasing your potential employability by gaining skills or by completing an already-commenced course, is not something that we are particularly concerned with. 


What constitutes part-time studies?

When we decide what can be classed as part-time studies, we take into account both the rate of studying and the extent of the studies. Your letter of admission should state that courses are studied on a part-time basis (at most, 50 percent), the number of study credits the course constitutes, as well as the time period that the course will cover. This applies to both studies in the daytime and evening. 

Terms and Conditions

If you wish to study part-time whilst still receiving benefits, you must apply to Alfa-kassan. Remember to send in your application for studies in time. Do not begin your studies until you have received a decision from Alfa-kassan. If you apply too late there is a risk that you will be liable to repay any benefits you have received, that you are no longer eligible for.

Rules for benefit in connection with studies

A person who studies cannot simultaneously receive benefits from Alfa-kassan. But there are three exceptions.

1. Orientation towards a new trade or profession or educational

If you are a job seeker and wish to participate in education or other activity, full or part-time, for the purpose of orientation towards a new trade or profession or educational path or to ease the transition to a new trade or profession, you can apply to be able to study while still receiving benefit for a period of 15 days maximum.

2. Part-time studies

You can study part-time while receiving benefits for a maximum of 20 weeks in the same benefit period. You can receive benefits while studying part-time on some conditions.

  • Your previous work did not cease because of the studies.
  •  The studies do not prevent you from seeking work.
  • You study a maximum of 50 percent full-time.
  • You are not financed nor have been financed by any form of study support. Study support may continue to be paid however if the education is taken for 15 weeks prior to unemployment and work.

3. Full-time studies started before unemployment

If you can show that, before becoming unemployed, you both worked and studied full time for at least 15 weeks, may be eligible for benefits if you continue to study. You can study full time while receiving benefits for a maximum of 20 weeks in the same benefit period.

This means that if you have previously studied and received benefits in the same benefit period, these studies will affect Alfa-kassan’s assessment. In total, a maximum of 20 benefit weeks per benefit period and a maximum of 15 benefit days per benefit period are approved.

Remember to send in your application for studies in time. Do not begin your studies until you have received a decision from Alfa-kassan.

Updated: 2021-04-21


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