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Calculating benefit days

The conversion table below shows how many benefit days you may be entitled to per week. Use the control below to indicate your average working hours, availability for work and unavailability. Round down your unavailability to the nearest whole hour.

  • Average working hours mean the number of hours per week you worked on average before you became unemployed. You will find your average working hours in the letter containing our decision on your benefit.

  • Availability for work is the number of hours you want and are able to work. For full-time work availability for work is 40 hours per week.

  • Unavailability is the hours you are unable or do not want to look for work.

Number of benefit days you are entiled per week: 5

Updated: 2021-10-01


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This is where you who are receiving benefits from Alfa-kassan can get an overview of your benefits and your coming payments.

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This is where you will find information about your registration with us, and the fees you have paid in, etc.


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