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Unemployment benefit card

Fill in your benefit card online

Mina sidor is an e-service for those who intend to apply for benefit or are in an ongoing benefit period. You can fill in your benefit card and forms electronically using a computer, mobile phone or tablet and avoid paying postage. You can also send messages to your case officer and see the documents you have sent in and your payment specifications. You log on directly with e-identification. To be able to log on, you must be registered in our system however.

Filling in the benefit card

The benefit card (tidrapport)  should be filled in every day. If you have been unemployed for one whole day, you mark this with a cross in the appropriate box under the heading, Unemployed (Arbetslös). If you have worked at all, you should fill in the number of hours (and minutes) in the boxes for Work (Arbete).

If you work additional hours to your standard employment, i.e. overtime, you should declare these hours in the boxes for Work on the current day. You fill in your standard rate of employment (as a percentage) in the Standard rate of employment (anställningens omfattning (i procent)) box, and the number of additional hours worked in the Work boxes.

If you are sick, receiving parental benefits, on holiday, or are in some other way prevented from working, you must declare this on your benefit card for each relevant day. You must also enter your Standard rate of employment.

The benefit card will be read by a machine so you cannot, therefore, modify any of the pre-printed information.

Submit your benefit card when you have completed entries for all days (including Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays), that is to say, no earlier than the Sunday of week two on the benefit card. The benefit card should be sent to the address that is printed on the back of the card. Remember to sign and add stamps to the benefit card.

It is important that you regularly complete and return the benefit card during the entire time that you are unemployed. The benefit card gives us the basic information that we need in order to pay your benefit.

This is most easily done by using Mina sidor to send each benefit card electronically.


Benefit cards older than 9 months

An application for benefit must be received by us within nine months from the last day of the period you are applying for benefit for. You will lose the right to claim benefits after this point, if there are no exceptional circumstances. The application must be made using the benefit card. Benefits due for a benefit card that is older than 9 months can, therefore, not be paid.


If you are working as a teacher

If you are working as a teacher, you may need to re-calculate the working time you state on your benefit card, in some cases. You need to know how your pay is worked out. It is common for some teachers to be paid according to how many hours they have worked. If you are paid at an hourly rate, you must state the number of hours you work on your benefit card, as usual.

If, however, you are employed with a fixed number of working hours each week, and paid a fixed monthly salary, you should declare the amount of time you have been paid for. This also applies for employment with a work schedule that covers a period longer than a week, as well as employment where your schedule is drawn up in such a way that you are not expected to work during some of the time covered. For example, if your standard rate of employment is 50% then you should declare 50% in the Standard rate of employment box.

In the case of commissioned work, freelance work and artistic work, you should contact us for information on how to declare this on your benefit card.


How to fill in the benefit card when you work on a stand-by or call-out basis

You should declare the whole of the time you were on stand-by on your benefit card, per daily 24 hour period.


Artistic Work

If you are seeking unemployment benefits and have an artistic line of work (for example, work as a musician, singer, actor or other artistic work for which you are paid, for example, by commission or a share of ticket sales), you should declare this work on your benefit card, in the following manner.

Each week, you should add up the gross wages you received for that week"s artistic work. The total gross salary is then divided by 180, which is a standardised average hourly wage, as determined by IAF, the Unemployment Insurance Board. This will give you the number of hours that should be declared on the benefit card. If necessary, this figure should be rounded to the nearest whole or half hour.

Should the total amount of hours you acumulate in a week exceed 40 hours, put the plus hours on the coming week.


Incorrectly completed or lost benefit card

The crosses should be clear and kept within the box. If the benefit card  is filled in incorrectly, unclearly and/or if any information is missing on the card, Alfa-kassan will send you a new benefit card, which you should then carefully complete. This will delay your payment.


False or misleading information

If you provide false or inaccurate information to Alfa-kassan, either deliberately or by gross negligence, you can be expelled from the insurance fund completely or have your period of benefit eligibility reduced by at least 130 benefit days. Furthermore, you will not be eligible to receive benefits again until you have been gainfully employed for at least 80 days. You will also be required to pay back any compensation that was incorrectly paid to you.


Ordering a new benefit card

If you should require a replacement benefit card - if, for example, yours has been damaged or lost - you can order one by emailing us at post@alfakassan.se. Remember to state your social security number (personnummer) and which weeks you require the benefit card for.

Updated: 2019-02-05


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